There are not many people who chose the life of an adventurer in Myrtaan. The comfortable and long lives that most people enjoy means that the appeal of dangerous and unknown adventures is limited.

There are always the few though that cannot be satisfied by the usual life and it is these restless people that become the adventurers.

Historically, adventurers have traveled to Rennor Province to explore the Great Desert or the Ruins of the Ancients or have traveled to Thylar Province to explore the Endless Caverns. Many adventurers also join organisations like the Enduring Harvesters, Bleak Journeymen, or Delvers of the Depths.

Since the Discovery of the Uncivilised Land many adventurers have instead been chosing to travel upon the Ironclad to the United Province.

Adventurers are renowned for their use of all sorts of different equipment.


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