Discovery of Gunpowder

Gunpowder was originally discovered in YR-8,060 by a group of alchemists in the west of Thylar Province. There is no record of which particular alchemists made the discovery as it was originally considered dangerous and without practical use. It was named “Firesand” and marked as something to be avoided due to its dangerous reaction to heat.

It wasn’t until YR-11,754 that a practical use for firesand was discovered. Ertham Thylarkin was an unfortunate builder who unknowingly began constructing a small house atop a hidden firesand deposit. During the construction Ertham’s pick created a spark whilst he was digging, killing him instantly and leaving a large smoking crater.

This event would have passed largely without remark except that Ertham was Thylarkin and Tryn Thylar requested an investigation into Ertham’s death, suspecting foul magic. The course of this investigation eventually led to Tryn Thylar sponsoring the Alchemists Guild to fully research the properties of firesand.

With a detailed understanding of its properties, it wasn’t long before the Alchemists Guild was actively researching ways to safely collect firesand. Soon there was an available supply, which in turn led to useful inventions such as explosives and eventually guns.

The first cannon was created in YR-11,873 by Master Alchemist Govann Chase and in short course firesand became known as gunpowder.

Discovery of Gunpowder

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