Second Bavat-Jarg War

The Second Bavat-Jarg War began during the new year celebrations for the start of YR-13,000. The Bavat army had secretly moved to the north a very large number of cannons, gunpowder and troops under the guise of fireworks and staff for the celebrations. These cannons were deployed near the Dividing Wall and that night, instead of setting off fireworks, the cannons began a bombardment.

Centuries of research had allowed the Bavat army to identify the weak spots in the wall and the initial result was immensely successful, creating over a dozen breaches that were then exploited by the massed troops. Before the night was over the Bavat army had invaded Jarg Province and captured the five border towns.

Soon the cannons used for the initial bombardment were redeployed on the Dividing Wall. The first retaliatory assault by the Jarg army was torn apart by cannon fire before they could even engage the Bavat troops in combat. Word of the rout quickly travelled through the Jarg army and no further counterattacks were attempted. To compensate, the Jarg army built a huge array of barricades in the hopes that this would stop any further advancement by the Bavat forces.

This tactic was successful and in short order the war became a stalemate with the Bavat army unable to advance any further and the Jarg army unable to reclaim the lost ground.

In YR-13,002 the commanders of the armies met to discuss the possibility of ceasing hostilities. A Council of Mediation mediator was brought in to oversee the negotiations but after a whole season of talks the discussion was disbanded as neither side was willing to concede. The House of Jarg refused to accept the loss of the Dividing Wall, claiming that the aggressive actions of the Bavat army meant they could not live safely without such a barricade against future military action. The House of Bavat was insistent that all land lost in the First Bavat-Jarg War should be returned to them.

The war went on for another seven years and although each side may gain an occasional advantage, the overall progress was negligible. This situation could have continued almost indefinitely if not for the defection of Apprentice Diviner Kyal Laker.

Kyal Laker began his apprenticeship in the Diviners after the start of the war, but it was quickly noted that he was exceptionally talented. He was asked to assist in the war effort and in his first conflict helped the Bavat forces to a resounding victory.

It was during the victory celebrations that Kyal was approached by a Senior Diviner and invited to join a secret organisation known as the True Warriors. This extremist group was founded shortly after the First Bavat-Jarg War and their aim was to completely exterminate all Jarg from Myrtaan.

Believing he was fighting to reclaim land stolen during the First Bavat-Jarg War, Kyal was aghast at the notion of genocide and fled to Nazenell Province. Once there he informed the High Court of the existence of the True Warriors and of their intentions. The High Court was outraged and immediately ordered all troops to cease hostilities and hold their current positions.

Such an edict had never before been issued and both provinces immediately complied. Soon the borders of every province in Myrtaan were sealed and a force of troops combined from the five other provinces and led by the Judges gathered along the Dividing Wall.

They declared that the war was over and that Bavat Province should return the Dividing Wall back into to Jarg control and that all Bavat troops should return home. Once this edict was complied with the Judges began Mind Probing all the citizens of Myrtaan. If a citizen was found to be a member of the True Warriors then they were arrested and given a choice to either recant their genocidal intentions with a Soul Bound Oath or suffer summary execution. Understandably nearly all chose the oath.

Following the cleansing, the Judges issued a proclamation that all cannons had to be registered with the High Court. This process of registration lasted until YR-14,880 when it was deemed no longer necessary.

Second Bavat-Jarg War

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