Size and Distance

Measurements in Myrtaan are relatively straightforward.

The smallest measurement is a Fingerwidth, more commonly known as a Finger.
There are 8 Fingerwidths in a Hand.
There are 5 Hands in a Span.

A typical human is about 1 span and 3 hands tall, although some humans have been known to grow as tall as 2 spans.

Distances are measured in a very systematic method.
There are 10 Spans in a Stretch.
There are 10 Stretches in a Frace.
There are 10 Fraces in a Larin.
There are 10 Larins in a Larrage.

The archaic distance measurement system was replaced with the above by Larin Nazenell in YR-9,448. It was not readily adopted at the time due to the egocentric nature of the distance names which Larin allocated, but over time it shifted into common use due to its practical nature and due to laws regulating that all signage needed to use the Larin system.

For interest purposes the archaic system was as follows:
A Stride was half a Span.
There were 20 Strides in a Stretch.
There were 4 Stretches in a Stroll.
There were 7 Stretches in a Walk.
There were 11 Stretches in a Hurdle.
There were 18 Walks in a Journey.
There were 30 Hurdles in a Hike.
There were 26 Journeys in a Crusade.

There is no record of how the archaic system was developed.

Size and Distance

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