The Seasons

There are five seasons each year in Myrtaan.

The first season is the Season of Rebirth.
This season marks the start of the year and is the season in which most crops are planted and grown. It is also when most animals and monsters have young. The Season of Rebirth lasts 54 days.

The second season is the Season of the Sun.
Hottest of all the seasons, most weddings and celebrations happen during this season as there is the least amount of work needing to be done at this time. Many journeys also take place during this season as it is the easiest and safest time to travel. The Season of the Sun lasts for 68 days.

The third season is the Season of Toil.
This season is a time of hard work. Yearly repairs and maintenance are usually undertaken at this time. Most livestock is gradually shifted to protective enclosures and fields for planting crops are turned. The Season of Toil lasts for 57 days.

The fourth season is the Season of Storms.
Toughest of all the seasons for the people of Myrtaan to endure. As the name would suggest there are regular storms throughout the land. In some provinces, these storm are very severe and cause substantial damage. The Season of Storms lasts for 63 days.

The fifth season is the Season of Contemplation.
The calm after the storm, this season serves as a time of quiet. The coldest time of the year, historically food was sparse and thus many would seek to conserve energy and pray to The Ethereals for deliverance. The Season of Contemplation last for 58 days.

The Seasons

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