Ruins of the Ancients

The Ruins of the Ancients are considered to be all the abandoned and ruined cities lying throughout the northern reaches of the Great Desert in Rennor Province.

The first ruins that were encountered are located at Ancients Oasis, but since then there have been over two dozen additional significant ruins locations found further north.

Although most expeditions will cite the lack of water as the most significant barrier to exploring the ruins, it is well known that may ruins are unstable and contain many dangerous creatures. Some ruins have also been found to contain elaborate systems of traps.

Despite these dangers, the Ruins of the Ancients have been the most successful area for Adventurers to explore over the centuries, prior to the Discovery of the Uncivilised Land. Many interesting magical devices have been discovered amongst the ruins, as well as an abundance of rare gems.

There have been seven magically locked chambers discovered in the ruins so far. Five of these are still locked as no one has solved their unique puzzle, but the two which have been opened have yielded some of the most incredible magical devices in existence. Many adventurers believe that there is a locked chamber in each ruined city waiting to be discovered.

No one knows when the ruins were built and there are no records of their creation. They are all built to normal proportions and often have mundane objects like chairs, tables and beds that would not seem out of place in a normal city. Some theories suggest that there may have been an eighth brother.

Ruins of the Ancients

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