Creation Myth

In the beginning there were seven brothers. These brothers travelled amongst the stars, exploring all that could be found in existence.

One day they discovered a land, Myrtaan, and it was unlike any other land that they had ever seen. Instantly, all seven brothers wanted to possess Myrtaan for themselves. They took to fighting.

It was a mighty and close fought battle, however, the fighting disturbed the great dragon Cyvax, who was sleeping amongst the mountains of Myrtaan. Cyvax flew up and swatted the seven brothers from the sky and they crashed down upon the land, never to fly again. Cyvax proclaimed “Brothers, you wanted my land and even though you woke me I shall let you live here in Myrtaan.” Cyvax then turned to address each of the brothers in turn, from oldest to youngest.

“Harnel, you are the oldest and have led you brothers in their travels since the start of time itself. You shall have province of the wide open plains to the south so you can still wander to your heart’s content.”

“Bavat, to you I give province of the rivers, lakes and ocean bays to the east.”

“Rennor, you are hardy and tough and have always watched over and protected your brothers. I give you province of the harsh desert lands to the north west so you can continue to protect your brothers from the beasts that arise from the deserts depths.”

“Jarg, you have always been a builder so I give you the lands to the north east. These lands are abundant in materials from which you should be able to construct whatever you wish.”

“Lavion, you can have province of the forests to the north, to be constantly surrounded by the animals and plants.”

“Thylar, your curiosity knows no bounds so you shall have province of the hills, valleys, chasms and cliffs to the west.”

“Finally Nazenell, youngest of the brothers, you who has never known a day of peace and quiet in your life. To you I grant the honour of having province of the mountains where I sleep and none shall disturb you unless you wish, for should anyone wake me again my ire will be great.”

“But before I return to my sleep I grant you all one further gift. I shall craft for each of you a woman from the spirit of the lands in your province so that you shall have a partner to share your lives with. Fare well brothers.”

And with his proclamations complete, the great dragon Cyvax returned to his lair and his sleep.

The brothers, now mortal, said their goodbyes before setting off to their provinces. And upon arriving at their provinces each found the perfect partner and they lived happy lives and had many children.

Thus the seven provinces of Myrtaan were created.

Creation Myth

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